WARNING: READING THIS BOOK CAN be hazardous to your health. And your wealth. And your plans. And more. As Alex and Brett Harris urged teenaged Christians to Do Hard Things, so Jim Albright exhorts all believers in Christ to live Uncareful Lives. He does this by walking through the lives of the heroic believers portrayed in Hebrews 11, noting that their names are not indelibly etched into this chapter because they always followed the common admonition to “be careful,” but because they did just the opposite. They were not reckless, rather they were simply willing to take God at His Word. Read this book, and you may find that, like those exemplars of faith, you begin to live a more “uncareful life” for the glory of God too.

—Donald S. Whitney,

Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

UNCAREFUL LIVES IS ESSENTIALLY JIM ALBRIGHT’S challenge to Christians everywhere to believe God by faith alone. Simply put, isn’t this exactly the biblical definition of what it means to be a Christian in the first place? In a day and age where “easy-believeism” and “cheap grace” seem to dominate the general religious landscape, this book cuts through these various and insidiously false forms of “faith,” and thus attempts to teach us rightly about the lives we ought to be living as truly regenerate children of our Heavenly Father. As the author well reminds us, we do have the license—not to sin by engaging in reckless disobedience—but to be finally freed by God Himself to do His holy will. This freedom to live as we really ought is gained only when we place our confidence squarely and exclusively in Jesus Christ, turning from our sin and living solely by faith in the Son of God. I have known the author of this book for many years now, and I believe this is what he is attempting to do himself—living life through faith alone in Jesus, and both he and I graciously invite you to do the same. May this book assist you to do just that!


Founding and senior pastor of Thousand Oaks Bible Church in California and former staff pastor and personal assistant to John MacArthur at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California

JIM ALBRIGHT, AN ACTIVE PASTOR in Milan, Italy is an exhorter. He is in good company. The author of Hebrews was also an exhorter. “Bear with my word of exhortation,” he said at the end of his now famous book. Like that author, Jim Albright presses for faith in God. He doesn’t at all mean that static counterfeit faith which is so often seen, but the kind of faith that characterizes those described in the faith chapter, Hebrews 11—Abraham, Noah, Moses and others. Who can say what God will do for Himself if you learn to live like that? Read it and believe!

—Jim Elliff

President of Christian Communicators Worldwide and a founding pastor of Christ Fellowship of Kansas City

WRITTEN IN A PREACHING STYLE, Uncareful Lives is a stirring exposition and application of that great roll call of faith found in Hebrews 11. Jim Albright challenges us readers to take our minds off our limitations and look to an all-wise, sovereign God who can accomplish His every purpose in our lives. The book seriously challenged me. At 77 years of age and looking back over my life, I realized that too often I had failed to trust God, looking at circumstances rather than God’s almighty power over everything in His entire universe. Jim demonstrates in his own life how God has marvelously taken care of him in what some would consider even dangerous steps; thus he has personally lived out what he is preaching. While not asking one to do foolhardy things, Uncareful Lives is a serious biblical challenge to step out of the boat, keeping our eyes on the Lord, and to walk on the waters that God, in His wisdom and sovereignty, has control over. You will be informed, corrected, challenged, stirred, and called over and over to trust Him whom you know to be trustworthy! It is a hard-hitting book that pulls no punches!

—Curtis C. Thomas

After serving forty-four years in the ministry, retired in 1998 as one of the pastors of The Bible Church of Little Rock (Arkansas). He is also the author of several books including Romans: An Interpretive Outline and Practical Wisdom for Pastors.